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Zor Digital can help your business build a new channel online or update and refresh your old digital channels setting you up for success, and enabling your customers and clients to find you online!

Website Build, Strategy, 
& Management 

Websites can be a lot. But they don't have to be. 

A good website will attract more leads, convert more potential customers, and much more without adding additional workflows.

ZorDigital focuses on your business process while creating and managing a website that achieves your specific goals.


Your website is a digital asset.

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A website is like any other brick and motor location. It needs a good foundation and good management. 

Let Zor Digital help set up your digital location and give you the tools to manage your new place where potential customers and clients can view your products and services!

Built for your business and customers.

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With so many website platforms available it can be hard to know what's best for you and your customers. 

Zor Digital will help you find the right fit allowing your customers to get everything they need from your website and online platforms.

Whatever state your website is in, we can help.

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With experience across almost every website builder Zor Digital can help update, refresh, or bring your website back to life, enabling your customers can find you online.

Using our strategies from our fresh builds such as SEO and a click-funnel tactic we will increase traffic and conversions on your existing web platform.


Social Media Strategy 
& Planning 

Social media platforms are intimidating. They require a strong message, original content on a consistent basis, and tons of engagement with your audience and other brands.

ZorDigital has developed a process for all aspects of digital platform management; from content development to reporting your digital platforms can reach your target audience through strong, consistent, organic content.

Social is a lot of work, but it's easier with the right tools.

Image by Austin Distel

Navigating social media is a challenge on its own, using it to convert potential customers and build an audience requires something more. 

Using social media to build your business requires a process and purpose. Zor Digital has developed a clean and easy process that is proven to increase conversions for online and brick and motor locations.

Don't get lost in the noise, be confident!

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It can be hard to know what to post and you can work so hard trying to stand out, but what's important is consistency. 

Zor Digital helps you develop a strong ongoing purpose for each post, enabling you to feel confident in every post and interaction online.

Get the right information for you and your business.

Image by Nick Morrison

Data is something that is key to helping you know what to post, but what is the right data?

Zor Digital develops monthly reports with clear information on how to improve on your goals and increase traffic to your desired locations. With action items, examples, and usable content suggestions these reports are one of our most requested services. 

Digital Assistance

Feel like you are spending too much time on the computer updating all your platforms? Struggling with your email services? Struggling with Google MyBusiness or Facebook?

Let Zor Digital use our decade of experience with email service providers, social media channels, and a plethora of digital tools and services that can help cut down the time spent updating your platforms and more time on your business.

Digital Assstance

We can help you spend less time on the computer and more time on your business.

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With all the tools available today much of the work you do on a computer can be done automatically. Many of the updates, small communication tasks, and more can be done automatically.

Let Zor Digital see what tasks you do that can be easily automated for you and your business.

Our Clients

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