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We are grateful to help businesses grow a stronger presence online & achieve their (digital) goals.

Zor Digital focuses on small business development by working with clients to either adopt digital platforms and process refresh and update their out of date digital assets; enabling them to increase their exposure to new & existing markets.

Zor Digital creates a digital suite by assessing the needs of the business and its customers, and the client's ability to adopt technology. This enables the client to manage their business more effectively with precise data on customers and products, as well as give their business growth in new customers, markets, zand sales channels.


Zor Digital has built a top 10 brand in its industry, created +50 websites, built and managed +10 sales channels each grossing $50,000, and specializes in setting up small businesses for success. 

ZorDigital is a contract marketing agency for small businesses looking to build or refresh their digital assets and strategy. ZorDigital has built over 15 e-commerce channels across different platforms. ZorDigital specialty is creating a digital suite & strategy that works with the client's skill level and dedication to digital. From companies with large aspirations to family-owned shops looking to acquire a few more customers in the off-season, ZorDigital can help build a digital suite and strategy for you. 

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